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Chelating Disperse Agent (dispersing auxiliary) Rg-Kw

Chelating Disperse Agent (dispersing auxiliary) Rg-Kw

Chelating, Chelator, Chelated manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Chelating Disperse Agent (dispersing auxiliary) Rg-Kw, Highly Effective Dispersant Wbs-18, Binder for Pigment Printing Textile Auxiliary and so on.

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Product Details

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Basic Info

  • Model NO.: RG-KW

  • Color: Light Yellow Transparent

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Trademark: RG

  • Specification: Ionic: Anion

  • Environmental Protection: Yes

  • Kind: Dispersant

  • Application: Dispersing Auxiliary

  • Transport Package: 150kgs / Exporting Standard Plastic Drum

  • Origin: Weifang, China

Product Description

Product nameIonicAppearancePerformance and main applications

Chelating dispersant (Dispersing agent) RG-KW


Light yellow transparent liquid
A compound of sulfurous acid, chelating agent and polyacrylate solution. It is used for fabric refining before bleaching as a refining extract with deoxidizing effect, especially suitable for cotton fabrics with lots of impurities, in accordant with requirements of environmental protection.


1, phosphate: sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, six sodium hexametaphosphate, etc., are used in the washing industry. Because of weak ability of collaterals and PH, it has a tendency to be combined with calcium and magnesium, and will cause eutrophication in water area, which is not desirable from the aspects of environmental protection and performance!

2, alcohols amines: monoethanolamine, two ethanolamine, triethanolamine and so on, has a certain complexing effect, but the complexing ability is poor, relatively stable in alkaline, commonly used as complexing adjuvant. Triethanolamine is the MIROKAL-54H chelating agent in Italy.

3, amino carboxylate: ammonia three, sodium acetate (NTA), EDTA (EDTA two sodium or four sodium), two ethylene, three amines, five carboxylate (DTPA) and so on. Amino acid carboxylate has strong complexing ability, but it has poor dispersing power, high stability constant and good alkali resistance, but it is not resistant to concentrated alkali. Many commodities contain such complexing agents, the use of certain limitations, and EDTA and DTPA are not biodegradable, environmental protection prohibited products.

4 hydroxy carboxylic acid salt: tartaric acid, sugar, salt, sodium gluconate, sodium alginate and so on, the complexing ability is stronger, the dispersing power is bad, but easy to degrade. These components are seldom found in commercial complexing agents, and the L40 oxygen bleaching agents in Guangdong and HP101 in Hubei contain sodium gluconate.

5, organic phosphate: ethylene diamine tetramethylidene phosphoric acid sodium (EDTMPS), two three five ethylene amine methylene phosphate (DETPMPS) and amino trimethylene phosphate etc.. The chelating power of this kind of product is stronger than that of EDTA and phosphoric acid. The complexing capacity is high, the complexing stability constant is large, and the metal ion is not easy to dissociate after being complexed. Moreover, it has good chemical stability and is easy to degrade. They have very good complexation, solubility limit effect, lattice distortion and other properties, has a certain degree of dispersion, suspension force, have the scale and corrosion inhibition, scale function, at a higher temperature (200 DEG C) will not lose their basic activity, excessive, non pollution pollution. As a chelating agent, softening agent, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer and metal and blocked not only in the textile industry, but also in the electroplating industry, water industry, oil industry and other widely used as scale inhibitor, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, wide application. Many chelating agents contain organic phosphates, such as the chelating agent S of Ningbo Xinghua Company, which is based on organic phosphate and is supplemented with special synergistic ingredients. The performance of chelating force reaches or exceeds the import of similar products.

6, polyacrylic acid chelating ability than hydroxy carboxylic acid salt, amino acid salts and organic phosphate is much worse, the use of a variety of hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride (HPMA), polyacrylic acid (PAA), poly acrylic acid, maleic acid acrylic acid copolymer and polyacrylamide etc.. The complexing capacity of this kind of products is small, and the stability constant is not large, but the scale inhibition performance is better, and it has the function of absorbing impurities. It has good colloidal properties and dispersion. Japan, Switzerland, Sandoz, Germany, Bayer and so on have these commodities complexing agent

Chelating agents, chelating force, and dispersion test

Weigh 0.2g chelating dispersant 2 in 170mL distilled water, were added to FeCI3 solution ([Fe3+] 100 * 10-6 to 600 * 10-6) and CaCI2 solution (the [Ca2+] to 100 * 10-6 to 600 * 10-6), in the accession to the 20mLNa2CO3 (20%) solution, add distilled water to 200mL, at room temperature for 3h observation, recording, and filtering. In experiments, once [Fe3+] and [Ca2+] are complexed with complexing agents, the Fe3+ and Ca2+ which are not complexed can be combined with CO32- and become turbid, resulting in floc or even precipitation,. If the complexing agent can be clarified in a high concentration of Fe3+ and Ca2+, no turbidity, no floc or precipitation, the complexing agent has strong complexing ability, and vice versa. Dispersion mainly depends on the precipitation rate of floc or precipitation, the greater the dispersion force, the slower the floc or precipitation rate, which can judge the dispersion of laughter. The greater the dispersion force, the more conducive to chelation, is conducive to fouling, scale inhibition.

Note: chelating power of chelating agent Fe3+: 350PPm;

Chelating power of Ca2+: 125PPm;

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