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High Quality Organic Chemicals Poly Acrylamide with Best Price

High Quality Organic Chemicals Poly Acrylamide with Best Price

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Product Details
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Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 9003-05-8

  • Customized: Customized

  • Suitable for: Adult

  • Purity: >99%

  • Mf: (C3h5no)N

  • Water Solubility: Soluble

  • Trademark: Biopharmchem

  • Specification: Pharmaceutical Grade

  • HS Code: 3906901000

  • Powder: Yes

  • Certification: GMP, HSE, ISO 9001, USP, BP

  • State: Solid

  • Alias: PAM

  • MW: 71.0785

  • Appearance: Colorless or Light Yellow Thick Gel

  • Transport Package: as Requires

  • Origin: China

Product Description

                High quality organic chemicals Poly acrylamide with best price 

Product name:Poly Acrylamide

Alias:Flocculant 3,Anionic polyacrylamide,Polyacrylamide powder (anionic),Hydrolyzed polyacrylamide,PAM,Cationic polyacrylamide,Polyacrylamide powder (cationic),Nonionic polyacrylamide
Water solubility:Soluble 
Appearance: Colorless or light yellow thick gel;powders, emulsions, and solutions;Soluble in polar solvents such as water
Grade standard: Industry Grade.
Specification: 88%min
Use:Polyacrylamide is important water-soluble polymer, and both flocculation and thickening, the shear resistance and resistance reduction, dispersion and other valuable performance.These performance as derivatives different ions of different and different.In oil production, mineral processing, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, textile, sugar, medicine, environmental protection, building materials, agricultural production and other departments have a wide range of use.


One of the largest uses for polyacrylamide is to flocculate solids in a liquid. This process applies to water treatment, and processes like paper making, Screen Printing. Polyacrylamide can be supplied in a powder or liquid form, with the liquid form being subcategorized as solution and emulsion polymer. Even though these products are often called 'polyacrylamide', many are actually copolymers of acrylamide and one or more other chemical species, such as an acrylic acid or a salt thereof. The main consequence of this is to give the 'modified' polymer a particular ionic character.

Another common use of polyacrylamide and its derivatives is in subsurface applications such as Enhanced Oil Recovery. High viscosity aqueous solutions can be generated with low concentrations of polyacrylamide polymers, and these can be injected to improve the economics of conventional waterflooding.



Solid content %≥9088
Acrylamide %≤0.0250.05
Solution time (anionic)min ≤6090
Solution time (non-ionic)min ≤90120
Sieve residue (1.00mm mesh) %≤510
Sieve residue (180um mesh) %≥8580
Insoluble (anionic) %≤0.32
Insoluble (non-ionic) %≤0.32.5

Polyacrylamide is composed of acrylamide (AM) monomers by free radical polymerization of water soluble linear polymers, has good flocculation sex, can reduce the friction resistance between liquid, by ion characteristic points can be divided into non-ionic and anionic, cationic and amphoteric four types.Polyacrylamide (PAM) does not dissolve in most organic solvents, such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethyl ether, fatty hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon, except a few polar organic solvents, such as acetic acid, acrylic acid, chloroacetic acid, ethylene glycol, oil, melting urea and formamide.But these organic solvents have limited solubility and often need to be heated, otherwise there is no application value.

At the appropriate low concentration, polyacrylamide solution can be regarded as the network structure, and the entanglement and hydrogen bonding of the interchain machinery form a network node.When the concentration is high, the solution is gelatinous because the solution contains many chain contact points.PAM aqueous solution with a lot of energy and water mutually soluble organic matter has good compatibility, has good compatibility to the electrolyte, the ammonium chloride, calcium sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium borate, sodium nitrate, sodium phosphate, sodium sulfate, zinc chloride and boric acid, and phosphoric acid substances such as insensitive.[1]

Polyacrylamide mesh: the mesh refers to the granularity of the material or thickness, item number is the number of squares on the per unit area. General definition refers to the 1 inch by 1 inch area has how many mesh count, the number of mesh screen.Such as 600 mesh is 600 per square inch square mesh, mesh of polyacrylamide 20 mesh to 80 mesh, which is between 0.85 mm to 0.2 mm, this is granular polyacrylamide mesh size, powdered polyacrylamide mesh size can be controlled at about 100 mesh, mesh of polyacrylamide is more easily dissolved, the greater the polyacrylamide mesh size alone is unable to measure the quality of the product.


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