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Pesa, Water Treatment Chemical, 40%

Pesa, Water Treatment Chemical, 40%

Pesa, Water Treatment Chemicals, Epoxysuccinic Acid Homopolymer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Pesa, Water Treatment Chemical, 40%, PCA, Poca, Water Treatment Chemical, BKC; Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride; DDBAC; Benzalkonium Chloride and so on.

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Product Details
We're one of the professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of pesa, water treatment chemical, 40%. As one of the famous brands, we warmly welcome you to buy the products made in China which is high in efficiency and quality from us, and also welcome to check the quotation with us.

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: pesa

  • Certification: SGS

  • Color: Clorless or Amble Transparent Liquid

  • Type: Industrial Circulating Water Treatment Agent

  • Usage 1: in System of Oilfield Refill Water

  • Usage 3: Boiler Water

  • Trademark: jinhong

  • Specification: 37%

  • Acid-Base Property: Acidic Surface Disposal Agent

  • Environmental Protection: Yes

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • pH Value: 9.0~12.0

  • Usage 2: in Circulating Cool Wate System

  • Usage 4: Detergent Fields

  • Transport Package: 200/250kgs Per Drum; IBC(1000L); or Customization

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Polyepoxysuccinic Acid
PESA is a multivariate scale and corrosion inhibitor with non-phosphor and non-nitrogen, it has good scale inhibition and dispersion for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium fluoride and silica scale, with effects better than that of ordinary organophosphines. When built with organophosphates, the synergism effects are obvious.
PESA has good biodegradation properties, it can be widely used in circulating cool water system in situation of high alkaline, high hardness and high pH value. PESA can be operated under high concentration index. PESA has good synergism with chlorine and other Water Treatment Chemicals. 

1. The scale inhibition performance of PESA

The experimental results show that PESA has a solubility effect on the deposition of calcium sulfate, and the scale of the scale increases with the increase of the dosage of the drug, and the scale capacity is no longer increased when the concentration reaches a certain concentration.

The effect of PESA against calcium carbonate is better than some commonly used polycarboxylic acids, sulfonates and polyphosphate scale inhibitors.

    The main reason for the scaling of PESA is as follows:

(1) the chelation some active group of scale inhibitors on scale into cationic has certain chela, chelation, so after joining it, can be blocked part into scale cation, inhibit its reaction with anion, preventing fouling.

(2) low dose effect refers to the amount of chemical that is much lower than the cationic concentration of the composition in the water

The crystallization effect of ions is shown to resist scale.This is because in supersaturated solution, there is a lot less than the critical radius of small crystal scale, because of the scale inhibitor to join the activity of small crystals in nucleus and crystal point with special adsorption ability, and can through physical or chemical effect, adsorption in the above, make can greatly increase the interface, the interface to the higher, the greater the critical radius of crystal, small crystal precipitation from the water, the more difficult, so as to realize the macroscopic low dose effect.

(3) lattice distortion effect Crystal in the growth, the first grows in kink location of crystal lattice, torsion and position is the most stable crystal interface position. When the solution is supersaturated liquid, slightly soluble salt molecules to kink position most likely, therefore crystals can grow normally;And when the scale inhibitors exist in the solution, the adsorption in crystal kink position, occupy the position of the normal growth of the crystal lattice, inhibit the growth of crystal regularly, which greatly destroy the regularity of crystallization, the lattice distortion.Because the crystal shape of the distortion is very irregular, it is difficult to form a hard scale in order to form a hard scale, even if the scale is generated, it can only be loose soft scale, so as to achieve the scale.

The corrosion resistance of PESA

When using PESA alone, low dosage has a certain inhibition effect on carbon steel.With the increase of the concentration of PESA, the corrosion rate of the carbon steel has been increased, the corrosion rate of carbon steel has gradually decreased and the corrosion rate has increased.In order to achieve a better effect, the quality of PESA is higher.

The performance of PESA as a corrosion inhibitor is poor compared with other organic phosphoric acid inhibitors, but it is free of phosphorus

The organic corrosion inhibitor of low phosphorus or phosphorus is formed by remixing with other agents.The study found that PESA and inorganic phosphate, organic

Phosphate, benzotriazole and so on have a good synergistic effect, and the effect of recombination is obviously enhanced.

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