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Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate

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Basic Info

  • HS Code: 29163100.00

Product Description

Appearance:white powder or  white granular


Appearance of solution:Qualified

Loss on drying:2.0%max

Acidity and alkalinity:0.2ml/g

Ionised chlorine:0.02%max

Total chlorine:0.03%max

Heavy metals:0.001%max


It is mainly used as a food preservative and also used in medicine, dyes and so on.

White crystals or powder, which have the smell of benzene of formaldehyde, flammable. Relative density 1.2659. Soluble in water and ethanol. At 100℃ sublimation quickly, can with water vapor and volatile.  Sodium benzoate is a preservative for internal liquid medicine, and it has the effect of preventing souring and extending shelf life. Too much use can be harmful to human liver, even cause cancer.     


    Sodium benzoate (chemical: C6H5CO2Na), E 211, sodium salt of benzoic acid.Sodium benzoate under acid environment belongs to acidic preservative anti-corrosion effect is better, is a common food preservative, have prevent metamorphism, I extend the shelf life of effect, are widely used in the countries all over the world.In recent years, however, its toxic concerns have limited its use, and some countries, such as Japan, have stopped producing sodium benzoate and have limited its use.

Sodium benzoate is mostly white granule, odorless or microstrip benzoic, sweet, and astringent.Soluble in water (room temperature) 53.0 g / 100ml, PH is around 8;Sodium benzoate is also an acidic antiseptic and has no sterilization and bacteriostasis in alkaline media.Its antisepsis optimal PH is 2.5-4.0, and the solution of 5% solution in PH5.0 is not very good.Sodium benzoate is more oil-friendly, it can penetrate cell membrane into cells, interfere with the permeability of cell membrane and inhibit the absorption of amino acids by cell membrane.In the cell, the alkali storage of ionized acid cells was entered, and the activity of the respiratory enzyme system was inhibited, and the acetyl-coa condensation reaction was prevented, thereby serving the purpose of food preservation.

  Physicochemical Property 

  CAS: 65-85-0 formula: C7H6O2 molecular weight: 122.12 melting point: 122-123 ℃ Chinese name:

English name:

Description: benzoic acid is scaly or needle-like crystal, with benzene or formaldehyde odor, flammable.Relative density 1.2659.Melting point is 122.4 ℃, boiling point 249 ℃, the refractive index of 1.504.Steam is volatile.Flash point (closed cup) 121-123 ℃.Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, methanol, ethyl ether, chloroform, benzene, toluene, disulphide, carbon tetrachloride and turpentine.

At 100 ℃ sublimation quickly, can with water vapor and volatile.Benzoic acid is often found in the natural world in the form of free acid, ester or its derivatives.For example, the presence of free acid and benzyl ester in benzoic gum;In the leaves and stems of some plants in the form of dissociation;In the form of methyl or benzyl in the essence;In horse urination the form of its derivative maluric acid exists.

Method of production: it was first produced by hydrolysis of benzoic gum or hydrolyzed by alkaline hydrolysis, and was also hydrolyzed by horse uric acid.The industrial production methods of benzoic acid are three kinds of toluene liquid phase air oxidation, subbenzyl trichloride hydrolysis and benzoic acid decarboxylation, and the most common ones are toluene liquid phase oxygenation.Toluene and air ventilation with containing cobalt naphthenate catalyst in the reactor, the reaction temperature 140-160 ℃, the operating pressure of 0.2-0.3 MPa under the conditions of reaction, generate benzoic acid, the steam to unreacted toluene coarse benzoic acid, then through reduced pressure distillation, recrystallization have to finished products.The final product is not easy to be refined by using phthalic anhydride decarboxylation, and the production cost is high, which is only used in the manufacturing process of small batches of pharmaceutical products.

The product of toluene chloride is not suitable for use in food.Benzoic acid has different specifications for industrial use, food use and medical use.Food grade should meet GB1901-80, content over 99.5%, 121-123 ℃, melting point and is easy to oxide, carbide, chlorine compounds and burning residue, heavy metals, arsenic quality indicators, such as rules.Raw material consumption quota: toluene 1140kg/t, cobalt naphthenate 4kg/t.In addition, benzaldehyde produced by toluene produces benzoic acid.

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