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Sodium Cyclamate

Sodium Cyclamate

Sodium Cyclamate, Sweeteners,Food Additves manufacturer / supplier in China,offering Sodium Cyclamate,Aspartame,Saccharin sodium and so on.

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Sodium Cyclmate NF13 or CP95

We're one of the professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of sodium cyclamate. As one of the famous brands, we warmly welcome you to buy the products made in China which is high in efficiency and quality from us, and also welcome to check the quotation with us.

    Sweeteners are food additives that give a sweet taste to food or feed. There are many different kinds of sweeteners in the world. There are several different classification methods: natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners can be classified according to their sources. It is divided into nutritive sweeteners and non-nutritive sweeteners according to their nutritional value; The chemical structures and properties are classified into sugars and non-sugar sweeteners.

Basic Info

Product Description


Appearance:White crystals or white crystalline powder,odorless

Sweetening powder:30-50 times sweeter than sucrose

Loss on drying(105℃,1h):1.0% max

PH value at 10% solution:5.5~7.0


Aniline:1ppm max

Sulfate:500ppm max

selenium:30ppm max

Arsenic:3ppm max

Heavy Metals(eg.Pb):10ppm max

Dicyclohexylamine:1ppm max

Cyclohexylamine:1ppm max

Transluconcy at 10%solution:95%min



Assay(After drying)≥98.0%

Loss on drying(105℃,1h)≤15.5%




Heavy Metals≤0.001%







It is a non-nutritive synthetic sweetener, which is 30 times sweeter than sucrose and is only a third of the price of sucrose. It is not like saccharin dosage slightly long has a bitter taste, and therefore as an international common food additives can be used to cool and refreshing drinks, fruit juice, ice cream, pastry food and candied fruit, ect. 


Sodium cyclamate, white needle, flake crystal or crystalline powder, odourless. 10% aqueous solution was neutral, heat, light, air stability. Decomposition temperature about 280℃, no caramelization reaction. The acidic environment is slightly decomposed and is stable in alkalinity. Soluble in water and propylene glycol, almost insoluble in ethanol.

Package: In 25kg paper bags

    The main effect of sweeteners in food is:

(1) taste: sweetness is one of the indicators of many foods. It is necessary to add a certain amount of sweetener to make food and drink palatable.

(2) the flavor regulation and enhancement, in the pastry generally needs the sweetness; In drinks, the flavor adjustment has the sugar acid ratio. The sweetener makes the product a good flavor and retains a fresh taste.

(3) the formation of flavor, sweet taste and a lot of food flavor is complement each other, the taste of many product is produced by the combination of the flavor substances and sweeteners and, so many foods are stuck.

    Sweetness is a complex physical, chemical and physiological process that sweeteners stimulate the taste buds. Sweetness is called sweetness and is an important indicator of sweeteners. Sweetness cannot be quantitatively measured in physical and chemical methods and can only be judged by the senses of people's taste. To compare the sweetness of the sweetener, the sweetener of other sweeteners is the relative sweetness of the comparison. There are two ways to measure relative sweetness: one is to match the sweetener to the lowest concentration, known as the limit concentration method. The other is to mix the sweetener into a solution that is the same as the concentration of sucrose, and then compare the sweetness of the sweetener with the sucrose solution, which is called the relative sweetness method.

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