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                                   We're one of the professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of sodium sulphite. As one of the famous brands, we warmly welcome you to buy the products made in China which is high in efficiency and quality from us, and also welcome to check the quotation with us.

    Sodium sulfite is easily weathered in the air and oxidized to sodium sulfate.At 150 ℃ water of crystallization.The heat is melted into a mixture of sodium sulphide and sodium sulfate.The density of waterless objects is 2.633.Much slower than hydrate oxidation, no change in dry air.The heat decomposition produces sodium sulphide and sodium sulfate, which is decomposed into the corresponding salts and releases sulfur dioxide.The reducibility of sodium sulfite is very strong, and it can be reduced to copper ions (subsulfuric acid root can be used to produce complexes with copper ions), and it can also be used to restore the weak oxidants such as phosphotungstic acid.Salt sodium sulfite and hydrogen in the lab can be used to remove ethers matter peroxide (add a small amount of water, slight fever after mixing reaction liquid, ether layer with a quick lime dry, for some requirements is not high reaction).It can be attributed to hydrogen sulfide.

1. Product name: SODIUM SULPHITE



water insoluble:0.02%max

Free alkali:0.1%max



2. Application:

1) Mainly used for textile mordant, agricultural pesticides, water, fungicides, preservatives, also used for tanning leather, copper plating, mineral processing.
2) Dyes and pigments industry: Used in the manufacture of azo dyes such as copper single reactive blue, reactive violet.
3) Organic industry: Used as synthetic fragrances and dyes intermediates, catalysts, methyl methacrylate inhibitor.
4) Electroplating industry: As the main salt Bright Acid Copper and Copper additives.
5) Dyeing and finishing industry: As a mordant dyeing the help of oxygen dose.
6) Agriculture: As a fungicide. Copper sulfate as an inorganic compound, when the copper level in cattle can be used as drug treatment, also used as a cattle drive tapeworm medicine and pigs, dogs emetic drugs
7)feed grade

3. Package:

25kg/ bag
Or as your request.


1. The microanalysis and the preparation of tellurium and niobium, as well as the reducing agent;

2. Used for artificial fiber stabilizer, fabric bleach, photographic contrast agent, bleaching deoxidizer, spice and dye reducer, papermaking lignin removal agent, etc.;

3. Used as common analytical reagent and photosensitive resistance material;

4. Reductive bleaching agent has a strong inhibitory effect on food bleaching effect and oxidase in plant-based food.China's regulations can be used for confection, with the maximum use of 2.0 g/kg;It can also be used for glucose, liquid glucose, sugar, sugar, caramel, candies, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and mushroom, grape, black currant concentrate, the maximum use of 0.60 g/kg.The residual amount of bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms, preserves, grapes and black currant concentrate (SO2) is less than 0.05 g/kg;The residual amount of potato starch was less than 0.03 g/kg;The residual amount of biscuits, sugar, fans and other varieties was less than 0.1 g/kg;The residual amount of liquid glucose should not exceed 0.2 g/kg;

5. As a deoxidizer and bleaching agent, the printing and dyeing industry is used for the cooking of various cotton fabrics, which can prevent the local oxidation of cotton fibers and affect the fiber strength, and improve the whiteness of the cooking products.The photosensitive industry is used as a developer.Used as organic industry m-phenylene diamine, 2, 5 - dichloro pyrazole ketones, anthraquinone - 1 - sulfonic acid, amino anthraquinone, 1 - aminosalicylic acid sodium production, such as reducing agent, can prevent the oxidation of the semi-finished products in the process of reaction.Paper industry is used as lignin removal agent.The textile industry is used as a stabilizer for man-made fibers.The electronics industry is used to make photosensitive resistance.Water treatment industry for electroplating wastewater and drinking water treatment;

6. The food industry is used as bleach, preservative, loose agent and antioxidant.Also used in pharmaceutical synthesis, the production of dehydrated vegetables used as reducing agent;

7. It is used to make cellulose ester of sulfuric acid, sodium thiosulfate, organic chemicals and bleaching fabrics, and also used as reducing agent, antiseptic, chlorinating agent, etc.

8. The laboratory is used to prepare sulfur dioxide

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