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Trans-2-Butenedioic Acid

Trans-2-Butenedioic Acid

Fumaric acid, also known as fumaric acid, fumaric acid), purple pansy acid or usnic acid, namely the fumaric acid (IUPAC name (E) - butylene acid), is a colorless, flammable, crystal, by the carboxylic acid derived from butene.It is the chemical formula of C4H4O4.Fumaric acid combustion will release irritating maleic anhydride smoked.The taste like fruit and rhizoma corydalis, porcini, lichens and seaweed can be found in Iceland.

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Product Details

Product Name:Trans-2-Butenedioic acid


Chemical FormulaC4H4O4

Physical state: Solid

Form: Granules or crystalline powder

Color: White

Odor: Odourless

Odor threshold: Not available

pH: 2.24 for a 0.5% w/v solution at 25°c.

Vapor pressure: 0.000154 mm Hg (25 °C)

Vapor densityNot available

Boiling point 200 °C

Melting point/Freezing point 287 °C

Solubility (water) Soluble(7 g/L, 25 °C)

Functions and applications

Fumaric acid for the production of unsaturated polyester resin, this kind of resin is characterized by good resistance to chemical corrosion performance, better heat resistance;Fumaric acid and vinyl acetate copolymer is good adhesive, and the copolymer of styrene is a manufacturer of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, fumaric acid obtained by the non-toxic plasticizer that can be used in contact with food vinyl acetate latex.The goods is the pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals such as bleaches, in the pharmaceutical industry is used in the production of the antidote 2 thiol succinic acid, fumaric acid with sodium carbonate neutralization, which get the butene sodium ([17013-01-3]), then using ferrous sulfate replacement for fumaric acid, iron type is used in the treatment of small red blood cell anemia drugs rich blood iron.The goods as a food additive - sour agent, used to cool and refreshing beverage, fruit, jelly, ice cream, etc., mostly with citric acid citric acid and use, fumaric acid and sodium hydroxide reaction made of a single sodium salt, also used as a sour condiment, also as the intermediate of synthetic resin, mordant.


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