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Zinc sulfate heptahydrate

Zinc sulfate heptahydrate

Chemical, Minerals, Feed Chemicals manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Fertiliser Grade Zinc Sulphate Chemical, Factory Price DCP 18% (Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Additives), Mcp Monocalcium Phosphate Feed Additive 22% with Wholesale Prices and High Quality and so on.

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Product Details

                                       We're one of the professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of zinc sulfate heptahydrate. As one of the famous brands, we warmly welcome you to buy the products made in China which is high in efficiency and quality from us, and also welcome to check the quotation with us.

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: POLIFAR

  • Classification: Chemical Additives

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Trademark: POLIFAR

  • Specification: 35%min powder

  • HS Code: 28332930

  • Efficacy: Nutritional Additives

  • Type: Feed Grade Chemical

  • Color: White

  • Transport Package: 25KGS PLASTIC WOVEN BAG, 25MTS/20'FCL

  • Origin: China

Product Description

ZN: 21%MIN

PB: 0.002%MAX

AS: 0.0005%MAX

CD: 0.002%MAX



    Also known as alum and zinc, it is a colorless needle or powdery crystal, with a density of 1.957 g/cm3, easily soluble in water, slightly deeper than ethanol and glycerin, and gradually weathering in the dry air.At 39 degrees Celsius, ZnSO4.7 H2O loses a crystallographic water and turns it into ZnSO4 6H2O, then loses the crystalline water at 70 degrees Celsius and turns to ZnSO4. H2O, which loses all of its crystallographic water at 280 degrees Celsius.When heated to 767 degrees Celsius, the decomposition is zinc oxide and trioxide.

Seven water zinc sulfate is mainly made of raw material, lithopone, zinc salt mordant dyeing, the preservation of the wood and leather agent, to prevent the fruit tree diseases and pests of pesticides, medicine emetic, bone glue clarifying, preservation agents, is also the important auxiliary material in the manufacture of the chemical fiber.In addition, it is used in electroplating, electrolysis and paper industry.    

Risk category: medium

Health hazards: this product has moderate irritation to the eyes and no irritation to the skin.It can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other acute gastroenteritis symptoms, which can lead to dehydration, shock and even death.

Environmental hazards: harmful to the environment and pollution to water bodies.

Ignition hazard: this product is not flammable, it is stimulating.

Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing and rinse with flowing water.

Eye contact: lift eyelid and rinse with flowing water or saline.Go to a doctor.

Inhalation: quickly disengage from the scene to fresh air.Keep the airway open.If breathing is difficult, give oxygen.If breathing stops, do artificial respiration immediately.Go to a doctor.

Eat in: rinsing with water and drinking milk or egg whites.Go to a doctor.

Dangerous property: it cannot burn itself.Toxic gases are released by high thermal decomposition.

Harmful combustion product: sulfur oxide.

Fire extinguishing method: fire extinguisher must wear full body fire protection clothing, in the wind to put out fire.Move the container from the fire to the open area as much as possible.Then the appropriate extinguishing agent should be selected according to the fire reason.

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