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Choline chloride 60%

Choline chloride 60%

Choline chloride,Poultry and animal feed additives, Feed Chemicals Manufacturer From manufacturer / supplier in China, offering calcium formate, xylanase, Betaine and so on.

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Product Details
We're one of the professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of choline chloride 60%. As one of the famous brands, we warmly welcome you to buy the products made in China which is high in efficiency and quality from us, and also welcome to check the quotation with us.

The main purpose

1. As a feed additive, choline chloride has the following physiological functions: it can prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver and kidneys, and its degeneration.Can promote the recombination of amino acids;The use of amino acids, especially the essential amino acid methionine, can be improved.In Japan, 98% of choline chloride is used in animal feed additives such as chickens, pigs, beef cattle and fish and shrimp.Most processed into powder, 50% powder is prepared by adding the appropriate granulator in the mixer, followed by the chlorinated cholinite solution, which is mixed and dried.Some commodity powder also cooperate with vitamin, mineral, medicine and so on.Choline chloride is a vitamin B drug used for hepatitis, liver degeneration, early cirrhosis, pernicious anemia, etc.Choline is the important substance needed for livestock, poultry and fish.In animals which can adjust the metabolism and transformation of fat, effectively prevent and cure fatty deposits within the animal organs and tissue degeneration, enhance constitution and disease-resistant ability of livestock and poultry, promote growth and development, improve the utilization rate of amino acids.The lack of choline in livestock feed such as mink, pigs, rabbits and cattle can cause poor development of livestock, soft and soft fur, reduced growth and weak health.

Basic Info

·  Synonyms: 2-Hydroxyethyl trimethylammonium chloride

·  CAS No.: 67-48-1

·  Appearance: yellow brown fluid powder or granules with hygroscopicity

·  Chemical Formula: C5H14ClNO

Product Description

Choline chloride content60%min
Trimethylamine residue0.03%max
Loss on drying2%max
Heavy metal(as Pb)0.002%max
Thinness(through 20mesh)95%min


Packing: In 25kg plastic woven bags.

Nature and stability

White crystals.Slightly fishy smell, bitter taste, easy deliquescence, unstable in lye.

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