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                                       We're one of the professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of taurine. As one of the famous brands, we warmly welcome you to buy the products made in China which is high in efficiency and quality from us, and also welcome to check the quotation with us.

    Taurine, also known as beta-aminoethyl sulfonic acid, was first isolated from the cow's yellow, hence its name.Single product is colorless or white diagonal shape crystal, odourless, taurine stable chemical properties, not soluble in ether etc organic solvents, is a kind of non-protein amino acid, sulfur exist in the free state in the body, don't participate in protein biosynthesis in the body.Taurine is not involved in protein synthesis, but it is closely related to cystine and cysteine metabolism.Cysteine sulfonic acid (CSAD) has a low activity, and it mainly relies on the consumption of taurine to satisfy the body's needs.

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CAS No.: 107-35-7
Type: Nutrition Enhancers
USES: Pharmaceutical ingredient, health product, food additive, beverage and feed additive, etc.


    Taurine is widely distributed in animal tissue cell, is particularly rich content of Marine animals, also contain higher taurine in mammalian cells, especially higher levels in nerve, muscle and glands, is the most abundant free amino acid content in the body and the body taurine almost all exist in the form of free, and most inside cells, the cells inside and outside the concentration ratio of 100-50000:1, the human body contains taurine total approximately 12 to 18 grams, including 15-66 - mg exists in the plasma, more than 75% in skeletal muscle, myocardial cell and the ratio of the concentration of serum taurine for 200:1.

The body can absorb or synthesize taurine from the diet, animal food is the main source of taurine, especially Marine animals.In vivo synthesis is transformed from sulfur-containing amino acid (cysteine, methionine, etc.) through a series of enzymatic reactions, but the ability of self-synthesis is low.The molecular weight of taurine is small (125.1), no antigenicity, and all kinds of channels are easy to absorb.Taurine is mainly excreted from the kidneys, and the kidneys regulate the amount of sulfonic acid in the diet to maintain the relative stability of taurine.


Folding edit this section of the physiological function

1.1 promote brain tissue and intellectual development of young children

Taurine is rich in content, are widely distributed in the brain, can obviously promote the growth and development of the nervous system and cell proliferation, differentiation, and a dose dependent, play an important role in the process of the development of nerve cells.Research shows that: in the premature infant brain taurine content is significantly less than the full moon, this is because the premature cysteine and sulfonic acid dehydrogenase in return (CSAD) is not yet mature, synthetic taurine is insufficient to meet the needs of the body, need to be added by the mother's milk.The content of taurine in breast milk is high, especially in colostrum.If insufficient, the child will develop slowly and mentally retarded.Taurine is closely related to the development of the central nerve and retina of infants and fetus, and the long-term simple milk feeding is easy to cause the deficiency of taurine.

1.2 improve nerve conduction and visual function

The main reason why cats and night owls hunt mice is because they contain a lot of taurine, which keeps their eyes sharp.In infants and children without taurine, retinal dysfunction can occur.In patients with long-term intravenous fluids, if there is no taurine in the infusion, the retinal current of the patient will change, and only a large dose of taurine can correct the change.

1.3 prevention of cardiovascular disease

Taurine can inhibit platelet agglutination in the circulatory system, reduce blood fat, maintain normal blood pressure and prevent hardening of the arteries.The protective effect of myocardial cells can prevent arrhythmia;To reduce the cholesterol content in the blood has special curative effect, can treat heart failure.

1.4 affects the absorption of lipids

The role of taurine in the liver is to combine with bile acid to form taurinic acid, which is necessary for the absorption of lipids in the digestive tract.Sulfonic acid can increase the solubility of lipid and cholesterol, remove the obstruction of bile, reduce the cytotoxicity of certain free bile acids, inhibit the formation of cholesterol stones, and increase the flow of bile.

1.5 improve the state of endocrine and enhance human immunity

Taurine can promote the secretion of pituitary hormone and activate the function of the pancreas, thus improving the state of the body's endocrine system and regulating the metabolism of the body.It has the effect of enhancing the immunity of the organism and the anti-fatigue.

1.6 affects sugar metabolism

Taurine can bind to insulin receptors, promote cell uptake and use of glucose, accelerate glycolysis, and lower blood sugar concentration.Studies have shown that taurine has a certain hypoglycemic effect and does not depend on the release of insulin.The regulation effect of taurine on cell sugar metabolism may be realized through the mechanism of receptor, which depends on interaction with insulin receptor protein, not directly with the pancreas.

1.7 to inhibit the development of cataract

Taurine has important function to adjust the crystal osmotic pressure and anti-oxidation, development process, which occurred in cataract lens sorbic acid content increased, the crystal osmotic pressure increases, and as an important material of regulating osmotic concentration of taurine is significantly reduced, antioxidant effect is abate, crystal proteins in excessive oxidation, so as to cause or aggravate the occurrence of cataract.It can inhibit the development of cataract.

Improved memory function

In animal studies on taurine and brain development, taurine can promote the learning and memory ability of rats.In addition, taurine can not only improve learning and memory speed, but also improve the accuracy of learning and memory, and also play a role in anti-aging of nervous system.

1.9 maintain normal reproductive function

Normal reproductive function needs to be maintained with taurine.The results showed that in cat feed, when the content of taurine was lower than 0.101%, the reproductive function was poor, stillbirth, miscarriage and congenital defect rate increased, and the survival rate of the larvae decreased.The normal reproductive function can only be maintained with 0.105% or more.

1.10 other functions

It can not only promote the absorption of iron in the intestinal tract, but also increase the stability of the red cell membrane.Taurine is also the probiotics of bifidobacterium in human intestinal tract, optimizing the structure of intestinal flora.It also has anti-oxidation and anti-aging effect.Can promote the recovery of acute hepatitis;The protective effect of carbon tetrachloride can inhibit the increase of serum glutamate.There is a protective effect on nephrotoxicity, and taurine has a protective effect on the small tubule epithelial cells that are caused by cisplatin.Taurine can be sedative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It can also prevent frostbite, KCN poisoning and migraine.

    Taurine is found in almost all living organisms, and the main organs of mammals, such as the heart, brain and liver, are high.The most abundant contents are sea fish, shellfish and seaweed, such as cuttlefish, octopus, shrimp, shellfish oysters, conch, clam, etc.There is abundant in fish, such as herring, mackerel and sardines.The content of taurine in laver is about 1% of the total amount of dried seaweed, which is even higher than in some Marine animals.In the fish, the fish back blackened parts of taurine, the other white parts 5 ~ 10 times.Therefore, more intake of this type of food can be used to get more taurine.Taurine is easily soluble in water, and it is important to drink fish shellfish at the same time.In Japan, a fish sauce made of shellfish is rich in taurine.In addition to beef, the amount of taurine in general meat is small, only 1% to 10% of fish shellfish.Since natural taurine is relatively scattered and small, it is far from satisfying people's needs.

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