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Agricultural Chemical with Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: SALUS

  • Certification: UL, ISO9001, TUV, GMP, ISO, SGS, CE

  • State: Granular

  • Physics State: Solid

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Type: Green Manure

  • Color: Dark Brown

  • Amino Acid: 8.0% Min

  • Organic Matter Content: 25%-45%

  • Phosphorus Oxide: 1.0% Min

  • Granule Size: 2mm-4mm

  • Transport Package: Bag

  • Origin: China Mainland

  • Condition: New

  • Application: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit

  • Validity: Quick Acting

  • Infection On Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Raw Material: Agricultural Waste

  • Name: Amino Humic

  • N+P2o5+K2o: 16-0-1

  • Humic Acid: 15% Min

  • Nitrogen: 15% Min

  • Potassium Oxide: 2.0% Min

  • Trademark: SALUS

  • Specification: standard

  • HS Code: 3101009090

Product Description

                        Agricultural Chemical with Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

Product Name: Amino Humic Shiny Balls 

Appearance Dark Brown GranuleView CheckingDark Brown Granule
Amino Acid%9.0NY/1429-20108.0
Humic Acid%15.6NY/T1106-200615.0
Total Nitrogen Content (N) %15.1GB/T 8572-200115.0
Available phosphorus
oxide content (P2O5) 
%0.7GB/ T8573-19991.0
Potassium Oxide Soluble content (K2O)%1.8GB/ T8574-20022.0
Sulfur %12.0DB21/T 1321-200412.0
Trace Element %4.2NY1429-20104.0
Hg PPM0NY1429-20102.0
As PPM0NY1429-2010Max 2.0
Cd PPM0NY1429-2010Max 2.5
Pb PPM0NY1429-2010Max 50
Cr PPM0NY1429-2010Max 50
Organic Matter Content %25.0NY525-201220.0
Moisture 3.0‰NY/T884-20122.0‰
Granule size (2mm-4mm) %3mmGB/T 248913mm
Assessment Result: Pass    

1, Content, Nutrient-wide, Long fertilizer, Fertilizer fast, high Utilization rate of absorption,
This product can be controlled soil urease activity, accelerate decomposition and nutrient cycling fast release nitrogen fixation Phosphate, potassium, activation of the soil, improve soil permeability, promote photosynthesis, greatly improve the absorption and utilization of fertilizer. Fertilizer period of up to 80-120 days. Absorption and utilization of more than 75%, which is twice as urea, which has fast quick and inorganic nitrogen, but also has ecological urea, organic fertilizer and microbial long-term, effects of fertilizer and other organic and inorganic, quick, long effect, special effects combined one three.

2, To improve the ecological environment of crops, pest suppression, anti-cropping.

3, Eliminate compaction Mianshengeng regeneration fertilizer
This product has good ion exchange and regulation of PH value, improve soil aggregate structure, to achieve ventilation, fertilizer, water, heat, drought, cold, waterlogging, anti-dry-hot wind, lodging and other resilience effect. A large number of complex multiplication can root bacteria, synthetic nitrogen from the air, from the soil sequester soil has been fixed for a variety of inorganic elements, for uptake by plants, so as to achieve the role of renewable fertilizer.

4, All-natural antiviral factors promoting growth of this product generated in the production process, enzymes, regulatory factors, etc., to thoroughly improve crop quality, increase yield, the FDA Qi Miao Miao Zhuang root system, fewer pests and diseases, stem Ye Zhuang, control flourishing, grain weight, high output can increase 30% -50%, to restore the natural flavor, good taste, high sugar content, high amino acid content, completely solve the seedling crop flourishing mid weakness, late Tuofei not strong fundamental problem.
Agricultural Chemical with Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

1. Improve the quality of fruit.Amino acids are the basic units that make up the protein and can be absorbed directly by the crops.It has the function of repairing cell trauma and detoxification.At the same time, the nutrient supply of organic fertilizer is slow, which is beneficial to the accumulation of sugar and nutrients.According to the experiment of the luochuan fruit tree institute in shaanxi province, there were 4 ~ 6 catties of lotus amino acid organic fertilizer per plant in 11 years.The indexes of fruit hardness, soluble solids and fruit diameter were improved.The results show that the ratio of the fruit diameter of the fruit is higher than that of the fruit, which is more than 80mm.According to the test of the "late three ji" plough tree, the total sugar and the original sugar were raised to 67.4 g/l and 50.1 g/l respectively.

2. Improve fruit weight and yield.The nutrient content of amino acid organic fertilizer is abundant, and the growth and development of fruit trees can be provided smoothly, so as to enhance photosynthesis and meet the nutrient demand of fruit trees.According to xiang city agricultural technology promotion center, in the hongti grape experiment of the qinying camp in beanman township, each plant used an amino acid of 2 jin of organic fertilizer, increasing the yield by 25.9%.Luochuan test showed that the single-fruit weight increased by 13.5% and the yield of single fruit increased by 73.7%.In the citrus growing area of sha wan village in baiyang town, yichang, hubei province, the phenomenon of small years was reduced with the use of amino acid organic fertilizer, which was more than two percent more than other orchards.

3. Promote the growth of new shoots and leaves.The experiment showed that the new tip length of the organic fertilizer was 25.1% increased, the louver increased by 52.9% and the louver increased by 14.7%.Field observation, the fruit tree of organic fertilizer of amino acid is green, the bud is full, the tree body grows strong, the disease is little.

4. Improve soil physical and chemical properties.Organic nutrition in organic fertilizer of amino acids, organic matter and humic acid can improve soil and promote the formation of granule structure and loose soil.Loss of organic nutrients is saved in soil and soil fertility.The agricultural bureau of xiang city, in the grape field experiment of the bean-gate qin camp, collected the fruit of the lotus amino acid organic fertilizer, 170 jin per mu, not only the grape yield and the control height, but also the soil physical and chemical properties improved.The soil total nitrogen was 12 g/kg, 18g/kg of organic matter, N110mg/kg, and 1.18 g/cm3.The soil total nitrogen 12.5 g/kg after harvest was collected in the second year, organic matter 18.2 g/kg, alkali solution N112mg/kg, and weight of 1.11g/cm3.

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