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Food additives of misunderstanding
- Mar 06, 2017 -

At present, another big factor causing confusion in the food additive industry, is a food additive production and use of food additives used errors in understanding.

Now, a lot of food additive use mistakenly believes that as long as food additives in accordance with GB 2760 in the standards used, usage, adding everything is, the understanding is too one-sided.

For example, the recent buzz "add meat to pork Bao Wang Wang" events, first look "meat Bao Wang Wang" ingredients of the product, its main ingredient methyl-pentyl alcohol ketone and ethyl maltol are approved for use in foods with spices. But pork cooking terms, if you are purchasing a fully qualified in accordance with production of meat, generally no spice necessary, which is technically without the need to use foods with spices should be used as little as possible or not. If the enterprise is because the purchase of substandard meat, and by insufficient means to cover up the original aroma of meat products such as flavored defects, violation of food additives "should not cover up the food spoilage", "should not overshadow the food itself or quality defects in the processing and use of food additives" principle. Moreover, some unscrupulous businessmen because is not not allowed in food flavor, fresh meat meat products used, then add beef flavor "chicken" for "beef", consumer fraud, which belongs to the Act of forgery for the purpose of use of food flavor, should be severely punished according to law.

And as, in GB 2760-2011 standard in the, food additives three poly sodium, phosphate was allows using in composite seasoning material in the, three poly phosphate of main function is water keep agent, if its with in composite seasoning material in the of main purpose is for downstream industry in meat products pickled seasoning Shi up water keep function words, is should think three poly phosphate on solid seasoning material products itself does not up food additives of role, on the seasoning material products no using of need, should from formula in the removal.

Therefore, the production and use of food additives must be strictly, the principles of correct understanding of the use of food additives, insight currently allows the use of the food additive properties, combined with their own products to the demand, never used does not have the technical necessity of food additives.