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Granular Mu Slow Release Fertilizer 18-3-18
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 20-6-12, 18-3-18, 16-3-24, 14-2-20

  • Release Type: Slow

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Type: NPK

  • Trademark: DAYIN

  • Specification: SGS, can be made according to your request

  • HS Code: 3105200090

  • Classification: Compound Fertilizer

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Appearance: Granular

  • Color: Gray

  • Transport Package: 25kg/Bag

  • Origin: Henan China

Product Description

1. MU (UF) slow release fertilizer: is the reaction product of urea and HCHO. Our product had been secondary reaction, and made urea free form MU that thoroughly reacted. The feature is better than normal MU. Performance is much more stable. Free nitrogen decrease and MU nitrogen increase. The slow release term is more safe and efficiency. White powder, Non-hygroscopic in room temperature. Contain nitrogen 38%. It is a micro-soluble fertilizer in cold water. Slow release after microbial action. Nutrients release speed is related with water, Microbial, temperature, PH value and soil ventilation.
2. MU slow release fertilizer specially adds an upscale healthy product-- Silicon (Si), which is a splendid quality, healthy fertilizer and necessary element for plant adjustment. Silicon is a newly functional fertilizer that others can't compare. Efficient silicon is not only a fertilizer to provide nutrient, but also can improve soil as soil conditioner. Moreover, it can also resist of disease or insect, and decrease toxicity, improve lawn hardness and anti- trampling resistant. MU will become a flag in green biological slow release fertilizers in the future, with features of non-toxic, no smell, stable, non-erosion, in-noxious and so on.

SERIESPRODUCT NAMEN-P-KMOQ (T)PAYMENTLEAD TIMEDIA (mm)SHAPEPKG (KG)MUMU GREEN               (K2SO4, MU NITROGEN ≥50%) (ADD MICRONUTRIENTS)20-6-1210T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2518-3-1810T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2516-3-2410T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2510-5-1010T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule25MU FAIRWAY            (K2SO4, MU NITROGEN ≥50%) 20-6-1210T/T15 days1.6~2.8granule2520-5-1010T/T15 days1.6~2.8granule2518-6-1210T/T15 days1.6~2.8granule2512-6-1810T/T15 days1.6~2.8granule2510-5-1010T/T15 days1.6~2.8granule25IBDU+MUIBDU+MU GREEN           (K2SO4,  IBDU+MU NITROGEN ≥65%)(ADD MICRONUTRIENTS) 20-5-810T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2518-6-1210T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2516-3-2410T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2514-2-2010T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule25IBDU+MUIBDU+MU GREEN                (K2SO4,  IBDU+MU NITROGEN ≥50%)20-5-810T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2518-6-1210T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2516-3-2410T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2514-2-2010T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2516-6-1410T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule2512-6-1810T/T15 days0.5~1.5granule25

Independently researched, and have patent in domestic. Slow release period is long. It makes lawn persistently absorb fertilizer, and lessen fertilizer wastage in turf-bed. Lawn won't overgrowth after application, reduce fertilizing and cutting rate, cut maintenance cost, and increase fertilizer utilization. We adopt advanced granular technology, so that granules uniform and hardness, easily for machine dressing.

All golf courses can be used, separated to green fertilizer and fairway fertilizer.

Advise to use fertilizer distributor. Artificial fertilize must make sure to evenly spray.
Green fertilizer: granule diameter: 0.5 ~ 1.5mm;
             Irrigate after dressing: 10 ~ 15 minutes;
             Each time: 20g/m2;
             Period: 60 ~ 90 days.
Fairway fertilizer: granule diameter: 1.6~2.8mm;
               Irrigate after dressing: 10 ~ 15 minutes;
               Each time: 35g/m2;
               Period: 90 ~ 120 days.
V. General formulation ratio:
18-3-18, 20-6-10, 18-6-12, 16-3-24, 14-2-20

    The chemical properties of the slow-release nitrogen fertilizer can be classified into four types: synthetic organic nitrogen fertilizer, envelope fertilizer, and solubility

Inorganic fertilizer, natural organic matter as the base body of various ammonia fertilizer.The main types are synthetic organic nitrogen fertilizers and bags

Membrane fertilizer.