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Phosphate application category
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Phosphate in refractory material used as a binding agent. Phosphate binders are acid orthophosphate or condensed phosphate as the main compound and gelling properties of refractory binder. Combination agent is a chemical reaction in the form of phosphate bonding or aggregation bonding. Phosphoric acid and alkali metal or alkaline earth metal oxide and hydroxide reaction Binder made of mostly air hardening Binder shall not be heat setting and hardening at room temperature. And phosphate amphoteric oxides and hydroxides or acidic oxides react Binder made of mostly hot hard bonding agent react shall then be heated to a certain temperature before they can produce condensation and induration. Phosphates are used as binders for refractory ceramic bond before, low temperature range with a strong combination of strength, so is widely used as a monolithic refractories and binders of unburned refractories.