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Fertilizer Is A Nutritious Crop Of Vegetables
- Sep 13, 2017 -

The benefits of using fertilizers can be summarized as follows:

1, the length of fertilizer, fertility lasting, ease, non-polluting is the production of organic, green and pollution-free food quality fertilizers.

2, contain a variety of trace elements, increase soil organic matter content, loose soil, improve the soil, Fertilizer the formation of high standards of farmland, is the only way to continue to improve the fertilizer use after the top and must be fertilizer (in the greenhouse production more prominent role).

3, will not cause environmental pollution, and the full use of exchange can play a role in the protection of the environment.

4, reduce the energy consumption caused by the production of fertilizer, and can effectively promote plant growth.

5. Waste is reduced.

Greenhouses and other protected vegetables, than open field Vegetable unit area fertilization is much larger, and because there is no rain leaching, the residual fertilizer residue in the soil, Fertilizer so that the soil solution concentration is too high, prevent root absorption formation or damage root system, so the plant cultivation of vegetables, should fully consider the aftereffect of fertilizer before the stubble, more organic fertilizer, appropriate less fertilizer, Avoid the damage of crops by the accumulation of salts, Fertilizer thereby further playing the advantage of vegetable protection. The absorption of vegetable to soil nutrients depends largely on root development. In general, roots are deep and wide, fibrous roots are more, and vegetables with well-developed root hairs (such as pumpkins, wax gourd, etc., as well as the root of the larger vegetables (such as sugar beets, carrots, eggplant, etc.), can absorb more nutrients, and can grow in barren soil, fertilization can be extensive, but the root development is poor, distribution shallow, absorption of nutrients poor cucumber, onion, lettuce, etc., Fertilizer It must be cultivated on fertile soil and finely fertilized.

Fertilizer is a vegetable generally short-term nutrition crops, can be multiple cropping. Many kinds of vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, radish, wax gourd, cucumber and other yield per mu often up to 5000 kilograms, and therefore need a large amount of fertilizer. Some fast-growing vegetables such as cabbage, Fertilizer Four Seasons radish, amaranth, and so on, due to the short growth period, the absorption of nutrients in the unit time instead of longer than the growing season, the high yield of vegetables much more. Therefore, Fertilizer more quick-acting fertilizers should be applied to cultivation.