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Fertilizer Is The Grain Of The Crop
- Sep 01, 2017 -

We can provide nutrients to plants by applying them to the soil or by other means, or to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, to provide a good living environment for plants collectively referred to as fertilizer.

Fertilizer is the grain of the crop, Fertilizer is the material foundation of increasing production, our country awakening has "the farming not to be on the dung, equals blind hu Hun" the saying, according to the UN FAO statistics, fertilizer in the grain increases the function, including when the season effect and the aftereffect, the average increase in yield is 50%, our country recent years soil fertility monitoring result The contribution rate of fertilizer to the yield of agricultural products is 57.8% nationwide average. Fertilizer China's 7% of the world's arable land, which feeds 22% of the world's population, owes half of its contribution to fertiliser.

At present, there are still many problems in the application of fertilizers, such as heavy fertilizer, light organic fertilizer, heavy nitrogenous fertilizer, light phosphorus, potash fertilizer, neglecting micro-fertilizer, heavy yield, light quality and outdated application method. There are many undesirable consequences: first, the decline of land force, the impact of sustainable development of agriculture, the second is the low utilization of fertilizer, waste serious, pollution of the environment and groundwater; third, high cost, low efficiency, slow and even stagnant agricultural income; Facing the development of "three high and excellent" Fertilizer and the new situation of promoting the sustainable development of agriculture, we should guide the rural cadres and farmers to renew their ideas, reverse the tendency of "triple three light", adjust the fertilizer structure, carry out the measurement, distribution, production, supply and Shi.

Body-turned, has become the focus of current fertilizer work.

Chemical fertilizers are chemicals that make or exploit ores, after processing of fertilizer, also known as inorganic, including nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash, micro-fertilizer, compound fertilizers, and so on, they have the following common characteristics: simple ingredients, high nutrient content, fertilizer efficiency is quick, fat vigor; some fertilizers have acid-base reactions; No change in soil fertility. There are many kinds of chemical fertilizers, Fertilizer and the properties and application methods differ greatly.

Fertilizer characteristics: The characteristics of fertilizer itself and the rational distribution of nitrogenous fertilizer is closely related, ammonium nitrogen fertilizer table is easy to volatile, it is advisable to do the basal soil. The nitrate nitrogen fertilizer has strong mobility, it is unfavorable to make basal fertilizer, Fertilizer it is unfavorable to apply in paddy field. Ammonium, ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate is not generally suitable for seed fertilizer, ammonium chloride should not be applied in saline-alkali soil and low-lying land, but also suitable for cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, potatoes, grapes, sugar beet and other chlorine-repellent crops. Nitrate nitrogenous fertilizer should be distributed in arid area, and ammonium nitrogen fertilizer should be distributed in rainy area or rainy season.