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Fertilizers Meet The Needs Of Crop Production
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Fertilizer can be used for seed dressing, soaking, dipping the root, do base fertilizer, top dressing, ditch facilities or facilities.

Fertilizer application method than fertilizer, organic fertilizer should be strict, so pay attention to: First, avoid long after the bag is not used. Fertilizer to buy home as soon as possible after the application to the ground, open the bag as soon as possible after a run out. After opening the bag, Fertilizer other bacteria may be immersed in the bag, so that changes in microbial flora, affecting its use. The second is to avoid the use of high temperature and drought conditions. High temperature and drought will affect the survival and reproduction of microbial flora, fertilizer can not play a good role. The third is to avoid the use of non-decomposed farm manure or acid-base fertilizer. These two kinds of fertilizer will be due to temperature or pH and microbial fertilizer affect the normal play. Fourth, Fertilizer to avoid the use of pesticides at the same time. Chemical pesticides will be different degrees of inhibition of microbial growth and reproduction, and even kill micro-organisms.

Use of fertilizers

Fertilizer use should be done in parallel with the fertility of vegetables. The use of animal fat and vegetable fertilizer to 1 to 1 is appropriate. Each vegetable is generally applied organic fertilizer 45 to 60 grams per hectare, topdressing organic fertilizer per hectare of 1500 kg.

To make enough fertilizer, 80% of the total fertilization will be used as base fertilizer, combined with soil preparation will be mixed into the cultivation of fertilizers, Fertilizer to benefit the root absorption. At the same time to be good fortune. For the planting density, the root of shallow vegetables can be used fertilizer fertilizer way, that is, when the vegetables grow to 3 to 4 leaves, the fertilizer dry fine, evenly spread to the vegetable land, and timely watering; for planting spacing Large, the root of the more concentrated vegetables, Fertilizer can be ditch ditch top dressing, pay attention to ditch do not break the roots, the fertilizer thrown into the trench, covered with soil after the timely watering; for planting lines from large vegetables can be opened Point top dressing way.

In foreign countries, it is generally believed that the role of fertilizers in crop yields is 30% to 50%. Per kilogram of fertilizer (active ingredients) increased grain 8 to 12 kg, oil crops 4 to 8 kg, 3 to 6 kg of cotton. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's agricultural production has made great progress, the main experience is that one by the party's policy, two by science and technology, three by material investment. According to the relevant statistical analysis, 35% of China's agricultural production is to rely on the use of new scientific and technological achievements obtained. Agriculture is based on green plants, Fertilizer the light energy into chemical energy industry, that is, material energy transformation of the industry, that is, agriculture is the use of environmental resources for the purpose of a planned material energy conversion industry. Therefore, Fertilizer to obtain the harvest of agriculture, we must rationally develop and make full use of agricultural materials including climate, soil, biology, agricultural mineral resources and energy resources, and put in the appropriate amount of agricultural materials such as fertilizer, pesticide, electric power, agricultural machinery and agricultural film to meet the crops The need for increased production.

Reasonable fertilization can not only increase the yield of crops, but also improve the quality of agricultural products, improve the storage effect of agricultural products and commodity value, and can improve and fertilize the soil.

In China, organic fertilizer in the fertilizer occupies a large proportion. The results showed that the continuous application of organic fertilizer (2000 to 5000 kg per acre) in the first five years of the experiment, the effect of increasing production year after year, the results showed that the application of organic fertilizer The increase was higher than that of non-organic fertilizers, Fertilizer from 7.7% in the first year to 16.3% in the fifth year and 12.8% in the five-year average. The increase in the amount of organic fertilizer applied from the first year of 24 kg per mu rose to the fifth year of 45 kg per mu, 5-year average yield of 37 kg per mu.