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Food Additive Does Not Amount To Illegal Substances
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Public talk about food additive color, more reasons are confusing the concepts of illegal additives and food additives, buckles found guilty of illegal additives to food additives on the head is clearly unfair. Circular of the on severe combat food illegal added behavior effective strengthening food additives regulatory of notification in the requirements specification food additives production using: is strictly prohibited using non-edible material production complex distribution food additives, shall not purchased into identifies not specification, and source unknown of food additives, serious investigation Super range, and super limited, abuse food additives of behavior, while requirements in 2011 end of Qian developed and announced complex distribution food additives general security standard and food additives identifies standard.

Need to crack down on illegally added in food, there is an urgent need to regulate the production and use of food additives. Food additives currently has some problems, more or less, such as unidentified sources, improper or material, most likely was caused by abuse.

Experts reminded the public of food additives do not need to panic, with the forthcoming national standards, the production and use of food additives will be more standard. Of course, should strengthen the consciousness of self protection, more about the food safety knowledge, especially not to buy color gorgeous, smell too strong, unusual taste food.