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Food Additive Enhances Food Quality
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Food additive is to improve the color of food, taste, such as the addition of some chemicals, natural extracts, etc., the role of some for aesthetic, such as pigment-like things, some in order to ensure food safety in the range of the shelf life, like some nitrates, and some are to change the taste of food, etc. Like some msg, salt, can be called food additive

The main dosage is less, the effect is very good, according to the gb2760 food additive can be used in food, are safe assessment, Food Additves as long as the use of the provisions, the human body is not any harm.

The definition and development trend of food additive, the characteristics and application of food preservatives, food emulsifier, thickening agent, food flavoring agent and edible pigment were emphatically introduced. Food Additves The safety of food additive is emphasized.

Food additive is an important factor of modern food industry, which is very important for improving food's color, aroma, taste, increasing food nutrition, improving food quality, Food Additves improving processing conditions, preventing food spoilage and prolonging shelf life of food. Therefore, the food additive industry occupies an important position in the modern food industry.

Definition and function of food additive

1, the definition of food additive: food additives, refers to the improvement of food quality and color, fragrance, taste, as well as for anti-corrosion and processing technology needs to join in the food of synthetic or natural substances.

2, the role of food additives and development trends: the main role of food additives can improve the quality of food, improve the quality of food to meet people's food flavor, color, taste requirements;

B can make food processing and manufacturing process more reasonable, more hygienic, more convenient, Food Additves conducive to the mechanization of food industry, automation and scale;

c) To enable the food industry to save resources, reduce costs, in order to greatly enhance the quality of food and grade, and increase its value-added, resulting in obvious economic and social benefits.

2 Food additive Development trend: the development of natural, nutritious, Food Additves multi-functional food additives, and strive to develop a variety of special additives.

Types of food additives:

Food additive can be divided into natural food additive and synthetic food additive by source. According to the classification of functions, mainly: Nutrition enhancer, anti-corrosion agent, antioxidant preservatives, thickening agent, emulsifier, chelating agent (including stabilizer and coagulant), quality improver, flavoring agent, color treatment agent, edible flavor, spices and so on.