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Food Additive Improves Sensory Quality Of Food
- Sep 22, 2017 -

The food additive is regarded as the soul of the modern food industry, its basic attribute has three:

1. Food additive is the product of the combination of human needs and natural material movement.

2. Food additive is the dynamic unification of subject and object element, latent technology and reality technology.

3. Food additive technology has become an important symbol of the development level of productive forces in today's society.

From the function point of view, food additive mainly plays the role of preventing spoilage of food, improving sensory quality of food, improving food nutrition ingredient, promoting innovation of food variety, and making convenience food processing.

Therefore, the modern food additive has three main characteristics:

1, the chemical path characteristics obtained;

2, the content of the legal provisions of the characteristics;

3, the development of the era of scientific and technological characteristics.

Therefore, the food additive is the human in the development process, Food Additves according to own value standard choice, by the laws and regulations, in the food processing process to add, through the natural or chemical synthesis way obtains edible material.

Main functions of food additive

Food additives from the production to date, Food Additves about five thousand or six thousand years of history, and in the long history of the process has always been prosperous, the root cause is that it has to meet the human needs of many functions, that is, food additives in the process of food processing and production to play a beneficial role.

Function of food additive:

1 prevent spoilage of food

It is an important problem for food industry to keep the original quality and nutritive value of food and prolong the shelf life. In order to solve this problem, the general action of modern food industry is to use food preservatives, in order to prevent spoilage of food, maintain food nutritional value, Food Additves prolong shelf life. According to "domestic and foreign food preservative development status and Countermeasures" introduced, at present, the world to allow the use of many kinds of food preservatives, Food Additves the United States to allow the use of food preservatives about 50 species, Japan has about 40 species, and China only approved the use of more than 30 species;

2 Improving food sensory quality

As we all know, the sensory quality of food is an important indicator of food quality, generally refers to the color of food, fragrance, taste, shape, taste and other sensory organs can perceive the quality. Whether food production operators or consumers, it will be regarded as an important basis for the evaluation of food quality. From the production operator's point of view, good sensory quality can win more customers, Food Additves and then get good returns; from the consumer's point of view, good sensory quality can satisfy their consumption preferences. All these show that the quality of food is very important both in food production and in the process of food consumption. To achieve this, it is common practice to use colorants, flavorings, thickeners, Food Additves emulsifiers and edible flavors and fragrances in food processing and production processes;

3 Improving food nutrition ingredients

Food additives are not only widely used to prevent spoilage of food, improve the sensory quality of food, but also to improve the nutritional content of food. Generally speaking, the use of food additives to improve the nutritional composition of food can be divided into two categories: one is due to the lack of regional nutritional components and the use of food additives. The other is the food additive used for the special needs of the body.

4 Promotion of food variety innovation

With the development of human society and the change of people's dietary structure, the demand for food diversification, nutrition, flavor and convenience is further increased, hoping to produce new food varieties. In addition, food production operators in order to obtain a competitive advantage, but also hope that new food varieties appear. From the existing technology, the innovation of food varieties depends largely on food additives. For example, new food additive can bring better sensory quality for food, and bring more development space to food industry in color, fragrance, taste, shape, taste, etc.

5 Convenience food Processing production

In the modern society, the food processing production is already not that kind of simple handicraft workshop, but a kind of industrialized continuous production. Industrial production always needs food raw materials can have a certain degree of emulsification, thickening, dispersion, crisp, filter, stability, Food Additves defoaming and other qualities, so as to facilitate the production of food processing mechanization, automation and continuous manufacturing mode. In order to achieve this goal, emulsifier, thickening agent, stabilizer, solidification agent and other food additives are necessary. Food Additves The facts show that the above-mentioned food additive has been used in the process of food processing, which provides great convenience for the development of food industry. In this sense, food additive is the soul of modern food industry, without the development of food additive technology, there is no flourishing of modern food industry.