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Food Additives Improve Food Quality
- May 24, 2017 -

Food additives are substances that are added in order to improve the color, smell, taste, or processing needs of the food and increase the satisfaction of the food.

But what food can be added, what food can not be added, plus how much, are strictly controlled, are scientific standards to measure, so we do not mention the additives as a scourge, so that food additives can not be fair Oh ~ ~

Food additives, is the type and amount of national supervision, allowing the food processing process to add the material.

Food additives are indispensable ingredients for processed foods

Food Additves In recent years the food quality safety incident has caused people's great fear of food additives. So many people misunderstood, usually contain food additives, food is not safe, after use may have an impact on health. In this regard, Food Additves Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine nutrition professor Jiang Peizhen said that the public food additives there are many misunderstandings, in fact, food additives is not so terrible. Soy sauce, there are preservatives, there are stabilizers in milk, bread with crisp agent, food additives in daily life is widely used, food additives is an indispensable ingredients in food processing, Food Additves all processed foods are basically no additives.

Professor Jiang Peizhen said that the production of food additives have to undergo a rigorous evaluation and testing, and Food Additves have to go through a series of animal experiments on its acute toxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity and other comprehensive evaluation, in determining the body No security risks can be approved after use, to ensure the safety of human consumption. So as long as it is in accordance with the provisions of the use is very safe, consumers can rest assured that consumption.

Food additives can improve food quality and color flavor, mostly synthetic compounds or natural substances. Most people always think that as long as the natural is very safe, Food Additves the synthesis must be very unsafe, Professor Jiang Peizhen said that this view is not right. China's "Food Additive Use of Health Standards" (GB2760) will be 2,300 kinds of food additives are divided into 23 functional categories, as long as the use of each food additive and the use of the use, whether it is natural food additives or synthetic food Additives are very safe.

Food additives should be used to ensure that the food color, smell and taste, to extend the storage time of food, as long as the provisions of the provisions of the amount of the use of the provisions of the security, food additives can escort food safety, consumers should not be one-sided Understanding of food additives, blindly that the additive is only harmful to human health.

Lemon yellow is also a food additive