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Food Additives To Improve The Nutritional Value Of Food
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Food additives are chemical or natural substances used to improve food quality, extend food shelf life, facilitate food processing and increase food nutrient composition.

Food additives have greatly contributed to the development of the food industry, Food Additves and known as the soul of the modern food industry, which is mainly to the food industry to bring many benefits.

1. conducive to preservation, to prevent deterioration

2. Improve the sensory traits of food

3. Maintain or improve the nutritional value of food

4. Increase the variety and convenience of food

5. Favorable food processing, Food Additves to adapt to the mechanization of production and automation

6. Meet other special needs

In fact, the use of preservatives does not have a greater risk, this is because the deterioration of food often lead to food poisoning disease.In addition, in addition to preservatives can prevent food deterioration, but also can kill doxorubicin and other toxic Microbes, which is undoubtedly beneficial to human health.

Food additives have greatly contributed to the development of the food industry, Food Additves and known as the soul of the modern food industry, which is mainly to the food industry to bring many benefits, its main role is as follows:

First, to prevent deterioration: For example: preservatives can prevent food caused by microbial corruption and deterioration, to extend the shelf life of food, Food Additves but also has to prevent the microbial contamination caused by food poisoning. Another example: antioxidants can prevent or delay the oxidation of food deterioration, to provide food stability and resistance to storage, but also to prevent the possible harmful oil automatic oxidation of the formation. In addition, can also be used to prevent food, especially fruits, vegetables, Food Additves enzymatic browning and non-enzymatic browning. These are the preservation of food is a certain significance.

Second, improve the senses: to improve the sensory properties of food, the appropriate use of colorants, colorants, bleach, food spices and emulsifiers, thickeners and other food additives, can significantly improve the sensory quality of food to meet people's different needs.

Third, to maintain the nutritional value: in the food processing appropriate to add some of the natural nutrition range of food nutrition enhancer, can greatly improve the nutritional value of food, Food Additves which prevent malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, promote nutritional balance, improve people's health Level is of great significance.

Fourth, increase the variety and convenience: the market already has more than 20,000 kinds of food for consumers to choose, although most of these food production through a certain packaging and processing methods, Food Additves but in the production process, some color, Taste and taste of the product, mostly to varying degrees to add the coloring, aroma, seasoning and even other food additives. It is these a lot of food, especially the convenience of food supply, to people's lives and work to bring great convenience.

5, to facilitate food processing: in food processing using defoamers, filter aid, Food Additves stabilization and coagulant, etc., may be conducive to food processing operations. For example, when the use of gluconic acid delta lactone as a tofu coagulant, can facilitate the mechanization and automation of tofu production.

Six other special needs: food should be as much as possible to meet the different needs of people. For example, people with diabetes can not eat sugar, Food Additves you can use non-nutritious sweeteners or low-energy sweeteners such as sucralose or aspartic acid methyl ester made of sugar-free food supply. There are also enterprises to develop their own standards of additives in the industry leading enterprises is developed not allowed to add preservatives, sodium cyclamate, pigments, spices.