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How To Treat Food Additives
- Mar 06, 2017 -

(1) the role of food additives

Rational use of food additives to prevent food spoilage, maintain or enhance food and nutrition, to improve or enrich food color, aroma and taste.

(2) the necessity of use of food additives

In fact, do not use preservatives have a greater degree of risk, this is because bad food have caused food poisoning disease. In addition, the preservative in addition to keep food from spoiling, but can also kill by Aspergillus Niger effect of toxin-producing micro-organisms such as bacteria, which are beneficial to human health.

(3) the safety of food additives

No toxicity or adverse health effects of food additive and quality per kg per day (mg) to represent, that is, mg/kg.

(4) do not use poisonous additives

"Rongalite" is the formaldehyde sodium bisulfite, also known as the hanging white rongalite, chemical formula NaHSO2 · CH2O·2H2O。 Zinc reacts with sulfur dioxide, sulfurous acid, then after exposure to formaldehyde in the vacuum evaporator, clot produced. "Rongalite" massive white or crystalline powder, soluble in water. More stable at room temperature, sulfite decomposition at high temperatures, strong reduction, which has a bleaching effect. Began to break down harmful substances more than 80 ℃, chemical reaction equation is:

6NaHSO2· CH2O·2H2O + 3H2O = 4NaHSO3 + 2HCOONa + HCOOH + 2H2O + 3CH3OH

110 ° c decomposes to formaldehyde, reaction equation is:


NaHSO2 + H2O =NaHSO3 + 2「H」

It makes fever headache, fatigue, loss of appetite. Serving doses 10G there will be life-threatening. "Rongalite" round is mainly used in printing and dyeing industry as agents and reducing agents, bleach, antiseptic effect more obvious.