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Is there any harm to Vanillin?
- Jun 20, 2017 -

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Product Description

  Vanillin is a widely worldwide essence, it can give the rich smell of vanilla and milk, use scope covers almost all dairy produces as well as desserts, such as milk, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate and so on.


What is vanillin?

    Vanillin is an exciting toxin that stimulates the brain’s reward system, making it more palatable than its original flavor. Added vanillin food will be endowed with unique milk fragrance and the smell of vanilla, thus as food additives in the food industry has a wide range of USES. In addition to the food industry, vanillin was also used in perfume industry, medicine industry and daily chemical products, such as toothpaste, soap, ect. The produces used by the food industry are mainly methyl vanillin and ethyl vanillin. They can be easily synthesized in different raw materials, due to the strong fragrance, usually need to add only a little, and the flavor of the food can be greatly enhanced, is a kind of the food additive of high performance-price ratio. The aroma of ethyl vanillin is 3-4 times that of methyl vanillin, so it is more widely used.

    Vanillin is human essence of synthesis of the first one, by the German m. harman, Ph.D., and g. Dr. In 1874.Its application is very extensive, such as in food, cosmetic and tobacco industry as a set incense incense raw materials, taste masking agent or agents, including drinks, candy, cakes, biscuits, bread, and fry foods such as the dosage is in the majority.It is edible flavouring agent, forming strong milk is sweet smell;Widely used in all sorts of need to increase the milk flavor seasoning food, such as cakes, cold drinks, chocolate, candy, biscuits, instant noodle, bread, and tobacco, seasoning liquor, toothpaste, soap, perfumes, cosmetics and other industries, can also be used for soap, toothpaste, perfume, rubber, plastics, pharmaceuticals.

Does vanillin contain glutamate?

   Vanillin the worst elements is a substance known as sodium glutamate (SMG), SMG is not nutrients, without any health benefits, but can be as a kind of excitatory toxin stimulation of the brain’s reward system, let a person feel tastes more delicious the originally. The sodium glutamate, which is very common in our lives, is monosodium glutamate. From the synthetic process of vanillin, it should not contain glutamate sodium. If the product contained glutamate, it was added separately, not because of the addition of the flavanine.

    Not excessive, according to the European Union committee of experts reported on February 24, 2000, large doses can cause headache, nausea, vomiting, and dyspnea, and even damage to liver, kidney and so on, therefore, is working out lower tolerance to discuss.

Is the sodium glutamate safe?

  There is a lot of controversy about the safety of MSG, but now the international mainstream authorities believe it is safe.