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Primary Role Of Food Additives
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Prevent deterioration

For example: preservative to prevent food spoilage from microorganisms, extending the shelf life of food, but also prevention of food poisoning due to contamination by microorganisms. Another example: antioxidants may prevent or delay the oxidation of food, to provide stability and storability of the food, but also prevents the formation of potentially harmful fat oxidation substances. In addition, can also be used to prevent food, especially fruits, vegetables and non-enzymatic Browning of Browning. These food preservation is meaningful.

Improved sensory

Improving food organoleptic properties

Food color, aroma, taste, form and texture is an important index for measuring the quality of food. Proper use of colorant, color-protecting agent, bleaching agent, flavoring, emulsifier, thickener and other food additives, can significantly improve the sensory quality of food to meet the different needs of people.

Keeping nutrition

Keep improve nutritional value

In food processing appropriate to add some of the natural nutrition of food nutrition enhancer, can greatly enhance the nutritional value of food, to combat malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, promote balanced nutrition, to improve people's health level is important.