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Safety Standard For Food Additives
- Mar 06, 2017 -

The safe use of food additives are very important. Ideal food additives is the best useful substances. Food additives, in particular synthetic food additives have a certain toxicity, use, strictly control the amount used. Food additive toxicity refers to its ability to cause harm to the body. Toxicity with the exception associated with the chemical structure and physico-chemical properties of the substance itself, but also its effective concentration, time, exposure pathways and site interaction, material associated with conditions such as the functional State of the organism. Therefore, regardless of the food additive toxicity intensity, dose size, the human body has a dose-effect relationship problem, that is material only up to a certain level of concentration or dose, to be toxic.

In green production, and processing process in the, a, level, and AA level of products depending on products itself or production in the of need, are can using food additives, in AA level green in the only allows using natural of food additives, not allows using artificial chemical synthesis of food additives, in a, level green in the can using artificial chemical synthesis of food additives, but following products shall not using: (1) Asia iron potassium cyanide (2) 4-has been base between benzene II phenol (3) sulfur (4) alum potassium (5) alum ammonium (6) Red Moss Red (7) erythrosine aluminum ingot (8) red (9) new red aluminium ingot (10) titanium dioxide (11) caramel (Carmel. Added ammonia production) (12) sulfate (potassium) (13) Asia sodium nitrite (potassium) (14) Division disc 80 (15) Division disc 40 (16) Division disc 20 (17) spit temperature 80 (18) spit temperature 20 (19) spit temperature 40 (20) had oxidation benzene methyl n (2) bromide acid potassium (22) benzoic acid (23) benzoic acid sodium (24) b oxygen base fluoroquinolone (25) SEC Amine (26) GUI aldehyde (27) Sai benzene meters h (28) hydrogen peroxide (or had sodium carbonate) (29) b naphthalene phenol (30) joint benzene ether (31) the sodium salt of 2-phenyl-phenol (32)-4-phenyl-phenol (33), glutaraldehyde (34) new dodecyl (35) 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic (36) saccharin sodium (37)-ethyl amino sulfonic acid sodium salt.