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The Main Classification Of Food Additives
- Mar 06, 2017 -

1. antioxidant mechanism of action

Antioxidant mechanism of action is more complex, there are many possibilities. Some antioxidants because are highly susceptible to oxidation, first reacts with oxygen, thus protecting the food. If VE. Some antioxidants can release hydrogen ions in the grease peroxide decomposition, produced during the oxidation damage, making it unable to form aldehyde or ketone such as thiosulfate February cinnamyl propionate. Some antioxidants may be associated with the resulting peroxide combines to form hydrogen peroxide, interrupt the process of oxidation, thus preventing the oxidation process, itself formed antioxidants and free radicals, antioxidants, free radicals can form a stable Dimer, or with the peroxide radical ROO-. Combine to form stable compounds.


These substances can produce sulfur dioxide (SO ₂) sulphur dioxide absorbs water form sulfurous acid (h ₂ SO3). In addition has a bleaching effect, also has antiseptic effect. In addition, due to the strong reduction of sulfite, can consume oxygen in the fruit and vegetable tissues, inhibit oxidase activity, prevents oxidation of vitamin c in fruits and vegetables destroyed.

Coloring agent

Also known as pigment, is improving the sensory properties of the food coloring substances. Food colours according to their nature and source, can be divided into edible natural pigment and two large categories of edible synthesized coloring matter.