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Water Treatment Cleaning Agent Can Be Recycled
- May 24, 2017 -

Various types of chemicals used in chemical cleaning in water treatment are water treatment cleaners. The current commonly used type of water treatment cleaning agent is divided into cleaning agents and cleaning auxiliaries two categories. Cleaning agent can be divided into: inorganic acid, organic acid, chelating agent, Water Treatment or Detergent Chemicals alkali lotion and so on. Cleaning aids in the corrosion inhibitor, reducing agent, copper dissolved agent, dissolved accelerator, wetting agent.

Water treatment cleaning agent aqueous solution is alkaline, can effectively remove the membrane surface of the oil, organic matter and biological pollution; improve the temperature, Water Treatment or Detergent Chemicals the effect is better; dilution adjustment PH maintained at 13.0 ± 0.5, can be recycled.

Water treatment cleaning agent with plastic drum, net weight 5kg / barrel; 10kg / barrel; 10kg / barrel

The usual dispensing concentration is 10%. That is, Water Treatment or Detergent Chemicals every 90L desalination water by adding the agent 10L.

Water Treatment or Detergent Chemicals Instructions for use:

Use the cleaning device to clean the system online. The procedure is as follows:

1. With the reverse osmosis desalination of the system for 3-5 minutes to clean;

2. Check the cleaning tank, hose and precision filter, if necessary, into the new filter.

3. According to the system and membrane arrangement to calculate the amount of cleaning drugs.

4. The reverse osmosis water or desalted water into the cleaning tank to the appropriate amount.

5. Slowly add the calculated dosage. Stir to make it fully dissolved. Water treatment cleaning agent can be used to adjust the cleaning solution PH value of 13 or so; water temperature control at 30 ℃ best.

6. Cycle cleaning for 30 minutes, cleaning flow should be the film manufacturers or system suppliers recommended value.

7. Water Treatment or Detergent Chemicals If the pollution is serious, please drain the first time (up to 15%) to prevent the redistribution of contaminants.

8. If the cleaning fluid becomes turbid or the pH is outside the specified range, the cleaning solution needs to be reconstituted;

9. Water Treatment or Detergent Chemicals In the cleaning process, the pollutants will consume cleaning drugs, PH value will change, the cleaning capacity of drugs will be reduced, so at any time to monitor the PH value changes, timely adjustment of PH value.

10. The membrane element is soaked in the cleaning solution for 10-30 minutes, it is recommended to repeatedly soak, and alternating the flow of water.

11. For multi-stage systems, each section should be individually cleaned for maximum performance.

12. System cleaning is completed and re-used before flushing with low pressure on the system.