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China Oxalic acid

  • Fumaric Acid 98% Tech. Grade

    Fumaric Acid 98% Tech. GradeFumaric acid 98% tech grade CAS:110-17-8 Appearance: white crystalline powder Specification: Packing: 25kgs plastic woven bagRead More

  • Anhydrous Phosphoric Acid

    Anhydrous Phosphoric AcidPhysical state and appearance: Liquid. (Syrupy liquid Viscous liquid.) Odor: Odorless. Taste: Acid. Molecular Weight: 97.99 Color: Clear Colorless. P H (1% soln/water): Acidic. Boiling Point: 158°C (316.4°F) Melting Point: 21°C (69.8°F) Specific Gravity: 1.685 @ 25 C (Water = 1) Vapor Pressure:...Read More


    HEDP(1-OXYETHYLIDENEDIPHOSPHONIC ACID)HEDP(1-OXYETHYLIDENEDIPHOSPHONIC ACID) CAS: 2809-21-4 Specification: Liquid Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid Solid Appearance: white crystal powder Packing: liquid: 250kgs plastic drum solid: 25kgs plastic woven bagRead More

  • Acetic Acid Glacial 99.8% Tech. Grade

    Acetic Acid Glacial 99.8% Tech. GradeAcetic acid glacial 99.8% tech.grade CAS: 64-19-7 Appearance: colorless transparent liquid, no suspended solids and Specification: Packing: 25kgs plastic drum/ IBC/ 200kgs or 215kgs drum/ 30kgs drumRead More

  • L+, DL-Tartaric Acid

    L+, DL-Tartaric AcidL+, DL-Tartaric Acid CAS: 87-69-4 Appearance: colorless crystals or white crystlline powder Specification: Packing: 25kgs paper bagRead More

  • Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid

    Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic AcidEDTA ACID CAS:60-00-4 Appearance: White crystal powder Specification: Packing: 25kgs paper bagRead More

  • Citric Acid Monohydrate Food Grade

    Citric Acid Monohydrate Food GradeCitric acid monohydrate food grade CAS:5949-29-1 Appearance: COLORLESS OR WHITE CRYSTAL Specification: WHITE CRYSTALS Packing:25 kg paper bagRead More

  • Tricyanic Acid

    Tricyanic AcidTricyanic Acid, Cya, Organic Chemical manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Tricyanic Acid for Water Treatment Organic Chemical (CYA) Einecs No. 203-618-0, Repackage Swimming Pool Chemicals in Pails/ Bags/ Drums (SP001), Swimming Pool Chemical Soda Ash pH Plus and so on.Read More

  • Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Food Grade (SAPP)

    Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Food Grade (SAPP)Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate food grade(SAPP) CAS: 7758-16-9 Appearance: white powder Specification: Packing:25kgs paper bagRead More

  • Phosphorous Acid 98.5% or 99% Tech.grade

    Phosphorous Acid 98.5% or 99% Tech.gradePhosphorous acid 98.5%/99% CAS:13598-36-2 Appearance:WHITE CRYSTAL Specification: Packing:25kgs plastic woven bagRead More