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China Sodium hydroxide manufacturers


    TETRA SODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE/TSPPTspp, Inorganic Salt, Food Additves manufacturer / supplier in China, offering TSPP, DSP, SAPP and so on.Read More

  • Sodium formate

    Sodium formateSodium formate, Organic carboxylate,Organic chemicals manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Sodium formate, Calcium formate, Sodium sulfide and so on.Read More

  • Sodium Chlorite 30% or 80%

    Sodium Chlorite 30% or 80%Sodium chlorite 30%/80% CAS:7758-19-2 Specification: 30% Appearance: Trace green transparent crystal 80% Appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder Packing: 30%: 250kgs plastic drum or IBC drum 80%:50kgs iron durmRead More

  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 70% 2mole

    Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 70% 2moleSLES 70% 2mole CAS: 68585-34-2 Appearance: white or light yellow viscous paste Specification: Packing: 170kgs plastic drumRead More

  • Sodium Formate Tech Grade

    Sodium Formate Tech GradeBASIC INFORMATION Sodium formate: 95%min NA2CO3: 0.3%max NAOH: 0.1%max Iron(AXFE3+): 0.0005%max Water: 0.5%max NACL: 0.06%max NA2S: 0.007%max MAINLY USER 1. Mainly used for producing formic acid, oxalic acid and insurance powder etc. 2. Used as a reagent, disinfectant and mordant for...Read More

  • Sodium Hydrosulfite 88% or 90%

    Sodium Hydrosulfite 88% or 90%Sodium hydrosulfite 88%/90% CAS:7775-14-6 Appearance: White crystalline powder Specification: Packing: 50kgs iron drumRead More

  • Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade or Tech. Grade

    Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade or Tech. GradeSodium bicarbonate food/feed grade CAS: 144-55-8 Appearance: white crystalline powder Specification: Packing: 25kgs plastic woven bagRead More