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Oxalic acid dihydrate

  • Trans-2-Butenedioic Acid

    Trans-2-Butenedioic AcidFumaric acid, also known as fumaric acid, fumaric acid), purple pansy acid or usnic acid, namely the fumaric acid (IUPAC name (E) - butylene acid), is a colorless, flammable, crystal, by the carboxylic acid derived from butene.It is the chemical formula of C4H4O4.Fumaric acid combustion will release irritating maleic anhydride smoked.The taste like fruit and rhizoma corydalis, porcini, lichens and seaweed can be found in Iceland.Read More

  • Polyphosphoric Acid 115% Tech.grade

    Polyphosphoric Acid 115% Tech.gradePolyphosphoric acid 115% tech grade CAS:8017-16-1 Appearance: colorless viscous liquid Specification: Packing: 340kgs plastic drumRead More

  • Hydrofluoric Acid

    Hydrofluoric AcidHydrofluoric acid CAS:7664-39-3 Appearance: colorless liquid Specification: Packing:230kgs plastic drum or 25kgs plastic drumRead More

  • Acetic Acid Glacial 99.8% Tech. Grade

    Acetic Acid Glacial 99.8% Tech. GradeAcetic acid glacial 99.8% tech.grade CAS: 64-19-7 Appearance: colorless transparent liquid, no suspended solids and Specification: Packing: 25kgs plastic drum/ IBC/ 200kgs or 215kgs drum/ 30kgs drumRead More

  • L+, DL-Tartaric Acid

    L+, DL-Tartaric AcidL+, DL-Tartaric Acid CAS: 87-69-4 Appearance: colorless crystals or white crystlline powder Specification: Packing: 25kgs paper bagRead More